The historical complex of Ganjalikhane

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The historical complex of Ganjalikhane Kerman

Ganjalikhan complex at the center of the historical city of Kerman is located near The big bazaar of Kerman. Ganjalikhan was one of the famous governors of Shah Abas time. From 1005  to 1034 according to Iranian calener he rulled over Kerman and built many buidings and monuments. He made an effort in development and progress of this city. Some of the public buildings that has remained from his time are,the Ganjalikhan complex in the interior of Kerman city and Zeynol abedin rabat on the way of Yazd_Kerman and Huzkhan on the way of Kerman_Mashhad and some subterranean canals. Some part of the income earned from these subterranean canals were given to Astane Qodse Razavi(the management of Imam Reza Temple). These buildings and monuments  were greatly damaged at the time of  Agha Mohamad Khan attacks. The area of Ganjalikhan complex is 11000 cubic meters. The consisting parts of the complex and the dates of their buildings are as follows, The square in 1005(Islamic calendar),Bazaar 1005,The bath on the south side in 1020,

Mint on the north side,The school on the east side in 1007, The inn in 1021, on the west side the water storage place in 1021, On the three side of the square Ganjali khan Bazaars are situated that constitue copper smith bazaar and the main parts of the way. The architect of the complex was a Yazdi master Sultan Muhammad and the founder was Ganjalikhan the governor of Kerman from 1005 to 1029.Four mosques has been on the four sides of the square that three of them has remained and the most beautiful is the eastern mosque near the inn. The mosque is counted as a museum of decorative arts.