Jabaliyeh dome

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Jabaliyeh dome

It is located at the eastern ending  part of Kerman. It is near the two cemetries of Sahebazzaman and seyyed Hussein. It is a big a enigmatic dome made from stones and chalk.It has been saved from the destruction caused by the passing of time.This eight sided dome is also known as Gabri dome It is fully made of stones. The width of its foundation at the base reaches up to three meters. In its eight sides by a width of two meters …. have been put  designed. Lately for making the building stronger and preventing its destruction the courts except for one have been blocked by stone.

The top part of the dome was built by using bricks. It seems that inside the doom some stucco works and designings have been done. It seems the top of this designing part has fallen so this has caused the destruction of the lower part. There has been no mentioning of the building date of the dome.

sir percy sykes writes in the book of eight years in Iran, After passing the cemetery u can see an eight sided(octagonal) stone building that has a dome. “” As though the doom is consisted of two crescents. The eternal diameter is 18 feet and each side’s diameter is 18 feet also. The pinnacle or the top point of the building is made of bricks and the furthest end is rounded. This place is called Jabaliyeh. The only building made of stone in Kerman is this place. “”

Iranians believe this place has been a fire temple or the graveyard of a Zoroastrian person. Some believe it’s the tomb of Seyyed Mohammad Tabashiti but this last attribution has been rejected in some regions. It’s obvious at the time this graveyard has been destroyed the grave stone used in this tomb has been taken and has been used in making some facade. European researchers like Hilmen Brand Hillenbrand considers this tomb as belonging to Seljuk era. Jebely is the Arabic form for Gabri. According to the language rules the /g/ (as in girl) sounds of persian words  has been changed into /dʒ/(as in german) sound because of Arabic influence on Persian language. The oldness of the dome can be guessed as the dome has been also called gabr dome. It is maybe a pre islamic  structure and is related to Gabri and Zoroastrian era, although its style is not in accordance with fire temples. Some think that the building is belonging to the last periods of Sassanid era which has been repaired and revonovated at early islamic era or has been built by using sassanid architecture style in early islamic times. Although in some eras (as in seljuk era by the order of Mohammad ibne Elyas) it has been repaired.

It has been said that instead of water, camel milk has been used in making this dome. The archaeologists and architects have said that this is the reason why  this bulding is so firm. The area about this building has been forested by cypress and  pine trees. This forested area is called Qaem woods that is one of Kerman recreational places.This building has become a museum since 2009.